July 9, 2010


The first step of TMB piston moves toward TDC, when torak climbed up on the fuel intake hole this open and sucked fuel from the carburetor into the room crank tub on the bottom of the piston. At the same time flushing hole and the pit closed by the piston body.

Torak then go down and as a result of compression occur in the tub crank, the effect of compression on the vessel this crank, the fuel is in it gets pushed up toward the hole flushing.

Torak continues to fall toward the TMB and approximately 10% of the torque steps before reaching the TMB, the hole transfer from open to TMB. Fuel that has been compressed in the bathtub crank it up to the top through the transfer port and fill the hole in the top of the piston cylinder.

Then toraknya climbed back toward TDC, approximately 10% of the step piston after the TMB, the hole closed by the body transfer 20% of the piston and piston step after TMB sinkhole also covered by the piston body. With the closing of the two holes on top, then begins a compression stroke fuel.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the piston, the fuel intake hole began to open and terhisaplah new fuel and carburetor into the room like a crank.

Back goto top piston, after the compression stroke, and there was fuel combustion process that was followed by the return of the piston gets down in the step of business / employment.

Approximately 80% of the step piston after TDC, the sinkhole started to open and there was a process of flue gas to the point of TMB, and approximately 90% of the step piston after TDC, the hole is open and in walked transfer new fuel into the cylinder hole section of torque while pushing combustion gases out of the hole. Disposal process and the entry of fuel into the cylinder at the same hole is called scavenging. Meanwhile, during the same time the entry holes closed by the piston body.

Thus the duty cycle motor / engine two-step, only a single crank shaft rotates to produce a single power. If the machine four steps to do a job like for example sucking fuel takes one full step, but the two stroke engine with a single step to produce two working piston.

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