July 3, 2010


1. Step blotting

Is a step-sucking fuel from the carburetor into the cylinder bore, at this step piston (piston) moves from theTMA (top dead point) to TMB (bottom dead point) and at the same time intake valve opens and the exhaustvalve is closed so that the fuel was sucked in. into the engine / compression.

 2. Compression stroke

In this step the fuel that has entered the combustion chamber is compressed / compressed with the movement of the piston / piston of TMB to the TMA. At this step the valve should be closed so that the resultingcompression good.
And just before the piston / piston reaches TMA on the compression stroke, the spark plugs sparking a fireand there was an explosion in the combustion chamber so that there are very high pressure.

 3. Step work / business

In this step piston / piston moves from TMA to the TMB. This occurs because of the explosion that occurredin the combustion chamber after the compression stroke, because high pressure in the combustion chamberthus pushing the piston / piston back to TMB and by the time this is the step of business / employment generated.

 4. Step exhaust

This step is a step the waste products of combustion exhaust gases that occur in the combustion chamber.Where the piston / piston will move from the TMB to the TMA, in this position the suction valve is closedwhile the exhaust valve is opened.
And the next cycle is back in the first step, and so on

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