March 15, 2011


In addition to the cooling fins on the engine block cylinder two stroke engine there are holes others:

1. Inlet (inlet port)
The hole where the flow of fuel from the carburetor into the room on the vessel at the bottom of the crank piston position. The inlet is located on the cylinder block is reserved for two-step machine with piston valve system (piston is fully functional as a valve entrance).

2. Transfer port (hole flushing)
Is the hole where the flow of fuel from the tanks into the crank into the hole on the upper piston cylinder, usually transfer hole is placed on the left and right cylinder blocks and the number of holes there are two or three holes transfer.

3. Sinkhole (exhaust port)
The hole where the flow of combustion gases from the cylinder hole in the top of the piston toward the exhaust section, either a landfill or transfer hole closure and opening set by the piston body.

Please note that for two-step machine that uses a rotary valve system, valve system or the Harmony of the crankshaft pembalans function as such for example intake valve scooter vespa, then in the cylinder block there is no inlet. The third system that uses the above, the construction of the entry hole is placed in the bathtub crank.

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